Confessions from a Mamaniesta!

So why did I start to blog?Hmph well since I have SO much free time on my hands being a mother, wife, library book goddess extraordinaire, domestic goddess and all that other jazz I thought I needed a hobby!! Now will anyone actually read my blog or like it? I mean there are millions of bloggers out there, I’m sure far more interesting than me! But hey I’m doing this for me to hone my writing skills and hopefully connect with other folks! I promises I wouldn’t blog until I got MY very own laptop, but since I’m still waiting on that miracle I compose this blog from my Iphone which is hard and kinda takes the joy of being a real blogger away from it!! It’s the I phone or the stone age beast dell downstairs in the hockey decorated dungeon man cave!!! My husband has been promising to buy a laptop since Christmas and here we are in July with no goods!!! ¬†Feel good thought of the day is: there is nothing more beautiful than afternoon sunlight shining through the window on your face and listening to the birds sing while your baby naps!!

Do one Positive thing for yourself everyday:)



PS I am all kinds of fabulouso and so are you!